Delta: Share Your Success

Share Your Success

Share the Impact of Delta

Delta enables inquiry, discovery, innovation and learning for researchers and educators across the country and we’re excited to publicize news of these discoveries.


Please acknowledge the funding source, specific Delta project and/or NCSA staff. See Citation / Acknowledgement in Publications for complete details.


Here’s how you can work with the Delta team to share your research using Delta:

ACCESS Researchers:

ACCESS researchers are encouraged to use this form to add publications to their profile, which are then available when submitting allocation requests and visible to XSEDE resource providers for their reporting requirements.

Work Highlights:

Please let us know what Delta has helped you achieve – presentations, publications and new knowledge. 


Delta staff will review the information you submit through this short form and may highlight your work in reports, publications and other outreach vehicles that target your scientific colleagues, funding agency personnel and others.

Press Releases:

Please contact the NCSA Communications team if you would like to coordinate press releases with your institution or department.