Delta: Allocations


Using Delta

Delta is a computing and data resource funded by the National Science Foundation through its Advanced Computing Systems and Services (ACSS) program, offering computing and data resources that enable GPU-accelerated computing with access to CPU resources and storage.


NEW (1/27/2024) – A portion of Delta is available for allocation from the NSF NAIRR Pilot program for AI research. Please see the NAIRR Pilot Program Allocations page for more information. 

Delta offers three allocatable resources:

Allocations are awarded to Delta through the following methods:


The majority of Delta is allocated through ACCESS and is the preferred path to getting compute time on Delta. ACCESS offers four allocation opportunities beginning with an entry level requiring only a project description. 

The lower three opportunities of Explore, Discover and Accelerate are open and processed continuously for fast turnaround. The Explore opportunity accepts requests submitted by Graduate Students with a faculty or staff co-PI. The Maximize opportunity is open twice a year.  

ACCESS awards are suitable for:


A portion of the Delta system is also available to Illinois researchers primarily to fill needs not met by the ACCESS program.  ACCESS is the first choice as small awards are easily available and scale out to much larger awards than the Illinois program can support.

To inquire about Delta allocations, please email

Other Illinois Opportunities

Allocations for Innovative/Exploratory, Diversity, Science Gateways, and Data Science areas are also available.