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Delta is a computing and data resource funded by the National Science Foundation offering computing and data resources that enable GPU-accelerated computing with access to CPU resources and storage. 

Allocation awards will focus primarily on GPU applications but would not preclude a CPU-only allocation

Allocations are awarded to Delta through the following methods:

ACCESS the majority of Delta is allocated through ACCESS Allocations:  

The table at ACCESS Credits and Thresholds has sizing information and links to more information for each category.

Illinois – a portion of the Delta system is also available to Illinois researchers through competitively allocated Illinois awards each Fall and Spring semester

Fall Illinois Allocation award announcements have been sent.

To apply, please see allocations webpage

Start-up awards of up to 1,000 GPU hours and 50,000 CPU core hours may be requested for test runs and to determine full allocation request needs. Typical allocation awards scale up to 25,000 GPU hours or 690,000 CPU core hours.

More information on Delta Policies & Submissions Guidelines as well as Proposal Submission Instructions can be found on the Delta Illinois Allocation webpage.

Discretionary – allocations for Innovative/Exploratory, Diversity, Science Gateways, and Data Science area also available. To apply for these, please see allocations webpage.

General research allocations for Delta are managed by ACCESS. Delta is also available to Illinois researchers through competitively allocated Illinois awards. To apply for these, please see allocations webpage

Information on Delta Proposal Guidelines can be found on the NCSA Delta Proposal Guidelines webpage.

Allocations Requests

Getting Started With a non-ACCESS Allocation

To get started with allocations, request an NCSA Kerberos account. Account creation may take up to 24 hours once requested.

Getting started guides, documentation, and presentations from our previous training workshops are available on the Delta wiki.

Delta offers three allocatable resources:

  • Delta CPU: Core hours for use on the CPU nodes (CPU-only requests are discouraged)
  • Delta GPU: A100 GPU hours for use on either of Delta’s Nvidia A100 or A40 GPU node types – GPU charge rate will be based on relative cost of GPU used.
  • Delta Storage: Storage requests must be associated with a compute request