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System Research

Check back often to learn about research the Delta Project is conducting in these areas and others that may arise as the project progresses. 

Photograph of Delta at NPCF. Many tall black cabinets have wires and electronics insides.

GPU Computing

Delta continues the hard work of adapting and optimizing applications for GPU-based accelerated computing. Delta staff members will be surveying the research community for both existing and emerging research domains that could benefit from optimizations and/or application porting for GPU-accelerated computing.

Neon cloud lineart with an upload/download arrow in the middle on a purple and blue background

Data: Moving Beyond POSIx

Strict adherence to POSIX semantics is challenging (and unnecessary for most applications) in parallel systems. Delta will be a pioneer in reducing the reliance on POSIX file systems to help improve system uptime and performance. We will work with our users and experts to further refine Delta’s non-POSIX file system that presents a POSIX-like interface in addition to a POSIX-compliant file system. Most applications will be able to take advantage of the new file system without modification.

Green, blue and red computer code with a soft blur effect

Usability and Accessibility

Delta offers a rich variety of interfaces, from command-line to science gateways. To ensure a great user experience despite the varied system workload, we will develop leading practices for blending interactive and batch computing with visualization. We will further work with experts at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s School of Information Sciences and Disability Resources & Educational Services to advance our practices in providing accessible interfaces for advanced computing and data resources, both for Delta and the broader community.

The accessibility of advanced computing and data resources to individuals with visual or other impairments is an often overlooked aspect of system design. NCSA and Delta are partnering with researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to evaluate Delta’s interfaces and advise us on ways to both improve the overall accessibility of the resource and to share these advancements with the broader cyberinfrastructure community.